Madonna Obsession Week (Part V)

Didn't I tell you it was definitely happening?


I might be just another Brazilian boy, but I do have some very good sources of information. Now where was I? At home relaxing (as I usually do every Saturday night regardless of which queen of pop is in town). If you were there, feel free to share the experience with the rest of us.



Check out Towleroad for Andy's own take on the night.


I was there. It was an amazing experience. People were so excited, such energy. Madonna was so happy. I had tears in my eyes.

We get 2 the Roxy at 10:15pm – Around 10 people were in line which was great as it was bucketing down with rain, then within 5 mins the line got ridiculously long, like 2 blocks long, then it poured and I mean Hurricane Katrina style – you can just image, it was hilarious – 2000 screaming queens being all girly, then we got in and went straight for the stage which was tiny – she came out just after 2am, in a sexy blue dress holding a record – the crowd went mental, like for 10 mins, she couldn’t even talk it was that loud – you can just imagine though – I mean how often do u get 2 be so close to every gay man’s idol – she was literally 3 feet away from us – we all went crazy – I completely lost all sense of who I was – you should of seen me – I was screaming and yelling and singing like a 12 yr old girl–(I'm 35) but I loved it (pick me pick, pick me) we all loved it. It was insane, one of those experiences that you’ll never forget. The Bitch is back

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