Madonna Obsession Week (Part I)

So if Madonna is not going to perform at the Roxy this coming Saturday, then why was she seen entering the club yesterday in the afteroon?

I am wondering if she is going to work this hair today on TRL. Images via


done and done!

Crossing my fingers!

could this be for real?

um, gosh, does this mean I actually have to go to the Roxy? Is Mark still working the door? Will I have to, like, pay?

madonna attended a private party she thru for her daughter.
shes not gonna be at the roxy sat, sorry

Every disclaimer about Madonna at the Roxy has said she will not be "performing" there. Right. No one said she was going to "perform" anything. But she'll be there alright. Not "performing." Working the crowd into a lather with merely her presence. John Blair sucks anyway - and the Roxy is not what it used to be - but god damn if the fairies won't parade there in lockstep come Saturday!

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