Madonna loves NY (and the new video)


After last week's Madonnathon, all you have to do is click here to understand why Madonna loves New York.


Still have not seen the video for Hung Up? Click here now. Damn she can dance!


amazing video. she looks stunning and she must have taken a bottle of pain killers for her to dance like that! i'm so glad she dances her ass off in it. it had been a while since she had done that. long live the queen!!!

Hey - do we need a username &password wo access these files coz it's asking for them! hope i can get to see the vid soon. Thanks

Very nice, if a tribute to that talentless chick in SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER works as the next phase in M's road to Even Greater Enlightment/$$$.

But the vid is fun. As long as you close your eyes when she stretches to reveal the bikini-waxed Madonna clitoris.

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