Hung Up (Another Madonna Update)

1. There is a NEW and longer Hung Up download (aka teaser) available. Click HERE to listen to it.

Rauhoferroxy2. Look at what is on DJ Peter Rauhofer's website! Does this mean that Madonna is coming back to the Roxy? I have not been there in over 3 years (but I was there in 98 for her Ray of Light performance). Could this now be a reason to go? I have to think about it (and I guess if Madonna does show up then it only happens twice!)

3. The coreographer for the video is Jamie King, who also worked with Shakira in the super sexy La Tortura.

4. Music connoisseur Arjan has the exclusive MTV Press Release here. Check it out!

5. The promotional poster for Hung Up is after the jump.


Source: Madonna Online.


I love the red hair. love it.

she's working the abba samples....enjoyed that.

check peter's website now, he says "to end all rumors, madonna will not be peforming on 10-22." A disversion? who knows?

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