Fotolog Of The Week: Maucouti

Since I am aiming for a little variety this week at Made In Brazil, I ditched the smooth young surfers (not that there is anything wrong with them), and decided to put the hairy chest back on the map with Maucouti. I actually think a hairy chest is very sexy (and if you wanna know more, I have one).





And 4 more good reasons why he was chosen after the jump.

1. The traditional magazine cover picture (with speedo detail):


2. More speedos and even a shower scene:


3. The usual picture involving alcohol (beer):


4. The required headless torso shot:


The Peta people are going to kill me, but fur is back! And don't worry... The surfer boys will be back next week.


YAY for hairy chests!

Frankly, i dont care if fur stays for another week. Damn it, it is hot and sexy!!! I want some pink swimming hotpants like that!

He's nothing but an animal (and you sound like one too) LOVE IT..gracias!!

YAY...someone who looks older than 21! Let's here it for men on MIB.

DA-ym he's hot!
I could munch that fur all day!
And thanks for the link.
Now one my favorite fotoblogs!

viva fur !

WOOF!!!! I love this kind of fur.

more hot hairy fotolog men please! thank you!

Loving the hairy men! I added your weblog to my meta-blog at

Nice hairy men!! I added your site to my meta-blog at

The more fur the better! It is getting cold up here in the states!



well i think the guy in the pic with the beatiful hairy chest is very sexy . Its about time to see a men with a hairy chest not shaved or little boy but a real hairy masculine it

you like nice hairy arms
[email protected]

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