I've got a crush on...


So it's needless to say that I am hooked on Invasion. I might have missed the other guilty pleasures offered on Wednesday night (meaning Martha's Apprentice and Tyra's ANTM), but I made sure I finished dinner before 10 so that I could watch Eddie Cibrian tease me with his dimples and boxers for an hour (and it's not just him because the show is actually good).

For all of those of you who also missed ANTM, Four Four has a complete coverage (crying count included).


NICE! He is hot hot hot!!!

Forget his father, I'll take the courtship of Eddie. He definitely floats my raft.

I still think Eddie's best performance was as the gay son in "But I am a Cheerleader".

His basket was outstanding... and he sure could shake his behind while listening to music and cutting branches.

he truly is utter perfection, kind of spirit and just energizingly sexy.

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