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Sorry that I have to keep it somewhat decent (gotta pay respect to the advertisers and the kids reading), but here are some shots (including some chocolate action) of the September issue of G magazine with actor Victor Wagner.


Send photos without stars please, well, just the guy! I´m not a child! thanks and I want to congratulate you for this wonderful page, I get in everyday!

Wow!! He's incredible!! I'd love it if I could see the pics without stars too!! Excellent blog!! :)

Nice!!! I wanna see the X ones! I wish I got G Magazine !!!!

a wet Victor Wagner is the best kind of wagner. what a fantasy to live out!!! LOVEEE HIMM!

thank you again, made in brazil!

You know I want those pictures ;) I'm really bummed out that I don't get G Magazine... More so, I'm really bummed out that I don't live in Brazil.

YUM! Hey, if you are sending the uncensored photos again this time, would you please send them to me? Thank you and keep up the great work!

The man is looking good for 46 (was it 46?).
I'd love to see the uncensored photos as well.

Count me in for uncensored pictures, if available!

WOW! V. Hot photos! would love to see them without the stars too! Why can't we have G Magazine in England?!

Choclate action? Is that what you really mean to say?

Can i see the pics without the "STAR"? plsssssss....thanks

Hi, I'd like so much to get the Victor Wager's pictures without the stars... Can you send me? I hope I'm still in time to get it. Thanks a lot

could i get some pictures without stars?

thanks you sooooooo very much!

Send me his pictures without stars please, I love him! since I saw this guy in XIca da Sailva

How can I get G Magazine in Canada?


I want to see more of Victor Wagner, without the stars, please!!!
E-mail them to me...
It's been 6 years since victor's first shoot with G, but he still looks good!!!

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