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The first guy has a sweet face and a killer bod, but the second guy (who looks a little smug)seems to have the better abs. I voted soley on the basis of ab appeal, since, after all, I'm not going to date the guy, just gawk at his six pack (and more, I hope).

I dont' know how much more of your blog I can handle! It makes me wanna pack up and move to Sao Paulo!

I love the guy who has to raise his shirt to show his abs. Now that is a narcissistic man.

If he would only pull down his pants too...


come on, guys, vote for the first one, he is sooo cute! I really want to see more of his photos!

Voting on abs alone, I would have to say "B".
They look they could be related.

they look like a twin. hmm

I liked the A guy as well, he's a bit different from the usual "stud" market that is featured in the fotologs...and we all know that variety is the spice of life.

They look alike.. Sorta. B for me, though. Yum.

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