Fotolog Of The Week: WPSPatrick

You voted, and with 3 piercings, 3 tattoos, and a body that is super ripped, 21-year-old Wallace Patrick Shimizu (he has lived in Japan, so I guess that explains the last name) is this week's featured fotolog. He says he is shy, but he sure doesn't look like it...




Is that an 8-pack I see? More after the jump...





YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY! Thanks for the post.

This guy is amazing!

what are these guys on, man?? steroids?? how the heck do they get bodies like that at 21?? brazil, here i come!

*swoons until feels dizzy*

my fingers hurt.
that boy is truly beautiful.

He looks just like this boy I meet two weeks ago, I wonder if he's ever been to the states?

and no lie, the kid's name was wallace as well.

I want some of that Mangá stuff...

" . . . 21-year-old Wallace Patrick Shimizu (he has lived in Japan, so I guess that explains the last name) . . . "

No, no, no... São Paulo is the largest Japanese city outside of Japan, many Japanese emigrated to Brazil in the late 1800s and early 1900s, so there are lots of Japanese-Brazilians... This guy looks like his dad was Japanese-Brazilian and his mother some kind of European-Brazilian.


Easy on me babe... Sao Paulo actually has the 2nd largest Japanese community in the world, so you're right.

Yum.. Muito gostoso. ;)

Are you serious? Sampa has the 2nd largest Japanese community in the world? That's crazy! I had no idea..

Sighhh.. Cant WAIT to go to Brazil :)!

Love the tattoo on the hip. He is adorable.

17 pages of photos of Wally at his site.

And this guy is shy? What if he were an exhibitionist?

It is interesting that many Japanese relocated to Brazil while many Chinese relocated to Cuba at the turn of the century.


i remember there's this model Jenny Shimizu in the US and she made it big until...

OMG! He's soooo damn hot!

Judging from the fact that he's got 17 pages of pictures and he's half-naked in 3/4 of them, he seems like the only thing he's got going on is his body. I mean, there''s not much depth to him.

Ohhh and BTW, same as with last week's fotolog, he's just compensating for his lack of size, we all now japanese ppl are small. For evidence, just take a look at his non-existant bulge.

So there's one guy in Brasil then who doesn't have a big dick??? It would have to be mighty small to bring down the national average. Perhaps if Jude Law were added to the mix...

aiiii kien te piyaraaa a ti!! t exaba yo 40 polvos seguios xD

There's no doubt, He must be the best kiddo in Sao Paulo. I Do like very much his body. But where he's the best is in his attitude, the smile he owns. If he wasn't that big, he'd be the best anyway. I have a great body too, but i don't have that attitude.


this guy is HOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!

hey babe please you look so hot please give me somt time of yours to talk to me so heres my email please send me messages at [email protected] please ill be wating!!!!!

Hey Guys, I'm brazilian. And I must tell you that Wallace looks just like a tipical brazilian boy. Actually, Except for the last name, he doesn't look like a japanese at all. And about his body, here in Brazil it's completely normal and very usefull for tenns to work out at a gym. That´s why most 21 years old brazilian boys have a delicious body just like Wallace.
So if you get a chance to come, don't wast it!

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