Fotolog Of The Week: Duda Perin

This week you got to vote, and the winner fotolog is Duda Perin, definitely the cutest bodybuilder I have seen. This kid is more than seriously hot...




And even more muscles after the jump (including his before and after shots)...





Um, Yeah! He's HOT!

i thought Marsili was the last in fotolog hotness. guess i was wrong. cheers!!

Talk about sensory overload. That is one hot dude.

Woah. He's huge.

ohhh YUM!

Yeah... he's one hot piece of buff.

But looks like he's compensating for his lack of size in OTHER areas... just look at some of his pics in a speedo and you'll notice his utter lack of bulge

I agree with the overcompensating theory hahaha

"I don't like a man with too many muscles. Give me a smooth swimmer's build any time."

Luis Artur Viana is the HOTTEST stud on the Brazilian photolog circuit. I would do him in a second.

i wish he stopped body building when he was 17 years old... he's too bulked up noww..

Spectacularimosso! Supra hot dude. Whew, must take a cold shower. Mama mia.

Duda Perin (if that's your real name) I think I'm in love. You're one hot mutha!

he looks _cute_: cute smile and cute hairdo; but, phew, wish he isnt this bulked up. would hv been one helluva hombre otherwise..

hmm...actually there is such a thing as overdoing it, boys...

ola vc eh mto lindo...
moro na espanha minha tia tem uma loja de proteinas, ela vai competir no campeonato de fisiculturista k vai ter aki na espanha..
se vc tiver interessado em participar me add k conversamos sobre isso, meu email e [email protected]
bjus tah mto legal, vc vai gostar me add ta?

Você é muito lindo, demais, achei o seu fotolog demais. bjs rockmalion

hummmmmm! voce e mto lindo adoraria te conhecer hehe!

Are steroids cheaper in Brasil??

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