Rafael Branciforti Private Pics








He is so fine.

wow. wowow. wowowow. i've been mesmerized for the past few days. gah. continue the lovely, lovely streak.

Damn. .... DAMN!

This is why I LOVE Brazilian men. Ain't nothing hotter than a nice Brazilian man.

God!!! i wish you could post more of this pretty guy!!! LOVE HIM! thanks :)

Had to come back and stare again. Wow.

If heaven is gonna bestow manna to me, let be this man. Maganda talaga!

AAAAAAwwwwwwwwww! I wanna one like him!!

He is sooo hot sexy and cute!!! not just that he's got the nicest personality EVER!!!!LOVE HIM

he's hot for sure, and he;s the best kisser as well. and now he's back, im so excited ;)

Thank god The Boy is so much better than Papparazo

i dont know how to say this...but im in love with this hot Rafael pretty..i wish if he was mine...nobody's but mine..i wud've love him more than myself & more than anything in this world...if ur reading this Rafael Branciforti...i adore u...ur my only wish in this life im 22/m very good looking too & i so wish to live the rest of my life loving u ;) ur all that any guy wishes 4...wwe all luv ya & specially me ;)

send me foto


Wow! my god he's soooo IMPECCABLE>>>>>.
Give me more photos......plz

Wow! my god he's soooo IMPECCABLE>>>>>.
Give me more photos......plz

he's my angel... anyone can tell me where i can found him??? which city in brasil???

This scorchingly-goodlooking, super-sexy guy really received the hits. I wholly concur with the sentiments of the other posters. Rafael is a hunk that could warm my sheets 24/7! He is soooooooooo beautiful!

Thanks for sharing him and his pics with me/us!!!!!!

If someone have more pictures of Rafael Branciforti, would you be sooooo kind to send them to me? I've looked everywhere!!

i never seen a so beautiful guy (*_*)

i never seen a so beautiful guy!!

Is he really gay? i think that's imposible! answer me

Yo nunca he visto un hombre tan guapo, pero de verdad. Tiene un rostro muy , pero muy bello, pero supongo que su alma no sea tan bella como el... Seguramente es muy superficial..pero tenia que comentarlo... No hay palabras que podrian explicar su belleza...aaaahhh....

He is absolute perfection in my eyes. If there was one guy I would never tire looking at he is the one.

Rafael is amaising and very special lad. He looks amaising and he is even more extraordinary from inside. He is always there when a friend needs a support ad he is helped me a lot.
I ow him my life and i will look up to him as long as i live.

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