Homeless Glamour (And You Can Have It Too!)

Sinci Mimi got emancipated, things are getting better for her. Not only does she have the #1 single in the country, she is now also setting trends. Last week after the BET Awards, Mimi headed to Koi for a nice little dinner when she spotted a homeless man on his wheelchair. Nice as caring as she is, Mimi posed next to the man, and the photo has (naturally) hit the internet...


My Brazilian fellows were so captivated by this (crazy) moment that at Arrase Ao Lado Do Mendigo you can now also be a part of the action. The blog offers you a version of the picture without Ms. Carey so all you have to do is photoshop yourself in (even Patsy has joined the crowd). Thanks to my buddy Phelipe.



what about you? it would be a pleasure to have you beside the homeless-celebrity.


hehe I did the capivara one :)

lala laugh my ass off!!

How is this funny?? Look at that man's face!

Mariah is a cheap slut who has lost her voice.

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