Speedo Sundays

I am probably landing in Brazil now (yeah, again!), so no time to post today. I leave you guys with some boys from Ford Models for my new attempt at Speedo Sundays. Can you tell me which one you like best? I appreciate the input.



Hard to choose, but my eye went instantly to the guy in the red suit. The one in the middle comes in a close second. The third guy's a little too frat-boy.

Close call. Extremely even. All would be far cuter if they showed a little personality and did not have such vacant, mindless, drugged-out looks on their faces!

The one in the middle has my vote; he has attitude - the others look bored.

The guy on the right gets my vote. There's a spark in his eyes that I don't see in the others.

The guy on the right is hot. I just wish they didn't all look so bored.

My vote goes for the guy in red. His Star of David is sexy! But they're all pretty equal.

I guess the question really is, what are we voting on using them for? For pictures, all of them are good, just different, erotically. The one with the tattoo looks like he's more beautiful naked or in linen shorts or just jeans---very editorial to my eye---the suit doesn't suit him. The one in the middle is what we'd call everybody's type---very malleable, you could do, uh, just about anything with him. The one on the right is hot, his look seems less editorial, more athletic, catalogue.

I like the guy on the left with the star of David. He's the only one who seems really sexy to me.

The Guy on the left.

i heart them all!

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