São Paulo Fashion Week

3998_1Forget about Brazilian hotties for the next week and expect a lot of runway pictures here (mostly menswear though) since São Paulo Fashion Week starts today celebrating its 10th year with 52 scheduled shows. Ricardo Almeida opens the event today with 40 male celebs instead of models (definitely not to be missed).

Orgulho Carioca





According to the event organizers, about 800,000 people celebrated Gay Pride yesterday at Avenida Atlantica in Rio. Somehow the idea of having Pride at the beach is just way more cool than at a club.

Pride Weekend

Parada20rio062005If you are in New York today, you are probably too busy partying already (the Pier Dance is probably the only circuit type of party that I really enjoy)... But if you are in Rio, put on a pair of shorts (or speedos) and some good old sneakers and head down to Posto 6 at Copacabana Beach for the Pride parade which starts at 1 o´clock. If attendance reaches the expected number of a million people, Brazil will be the country holding the largest events this year. Hopefully I'll get some picturese by later today... Stay tuned!

June's G Magazine

I didn't make a big fuss about this month's G magazine because I was really not impressed with the cover boy Alecsandro Massafera or the whole country lumberjack sorta theme (which requires a bear type in my oppinion), but I feel like you guys are old enough to judge for yourselves, right?

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Speedo Sundays

In honor of my shoot from last week (which I ended up so NOT thrilled about I decided to cancel, recast, restyle, and reshoot... nothing Anna Wintour wouldn't have done), here are the only two images I think worked for me (at least for today).

Nothing beats a good swimsuit... Still waiting to get pictures and suggestions for next Speedo Sunday!

Pride in Rio

1After the huge success that was São Paulo's Gay Pride, this weekend it is time to celebrate in Rio. The city expects anything from 600,000 to a million people for Sunday's parade. The party starts tonight with E.njoy at Cine Ideal. Unfortunately I am too busy to even try to plan a trip, but I'll manage to get some good pics (I promise). I have never been to Gay Pride in Rio because I am usually not in Brazil, but I bet it is fun (and that Mr. Klein is going to be there).

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