SPFW: Zoomp

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Aside from the terrible ideia of having the boys parade around in the ugliest black sandals with white socks, Zoomp finally got back on track with its best (and more consistent) show in a long time.

G gets on point again...

Apa94After an uninspired June issue, G magazine heats things up in July with Daniboy. The 24-year-old dancer/ singer/ aerobics instructor comes from Bahia and has gotten a lot of attention here lately with his very sensual performances. Pictures will be coming soon.

Milan Fashion Week: Dolce & Gabbana

Let's take a quick break from Brazil and take a look at my favorite designers Dolce & Gabbana, who once again got me going with their spring 2006 collection (can't wait to put my hands on some of the pieces!). Nothing much different from what they have been doing for the past seasons, but why bother to change it if it always works?

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Check out Style.com for an update on all the men's fashion shows.

SPFW: Osklen

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My favorite Brazilian brand delivered exactly what I expected last night (in a very vintage Copacabana spirit). Osklen showed a collection that was easy, fresh, and sophisticated, which keeps getting better season after season.

SPFW: Mario Queiroz

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Thanks to the great use of newspaper by stylist Chiara Gadaleta, the collection shown by Mario Queiroz took life and looked very tight and clean (with great options to jazz up your daily wardrobe).

SPFW: Alexandre Herchcovitch (Womens)

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Ok, so no women is really gonna wear any of those pieces the way they were shown, but you gotta give Alexandre Herchcovitch credit for his keen sense of color (in my oppinion, the prints only lose to last summer's) and for offering a fresh and clean perspective to start Sao Paulo Fashion Week (as well as some real cool hats with over the top feathers).

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