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While official numbers are around 1.8 million, some are expeculating that 2.5 million people are now partying in São Paulo's Avenida Paulista. In any case, the city's Pride Parade is now the biggest in the world.


WOW! Wish I'd been there!

hopefully Brazil will become more tolerant now towards gay men & women, and not be the highest in crime against homosexuals.

I was at the parade yesterday. It was wild and lots of fun. New York and San Francisco have nothing on Sao Paulo.

I posted some of the pictures I took on my blog:


Oh my, I'm moving to San Paulo

Impresionantes fotos!!! wuau uqe ganas que eso pase en mi pais!!

We were here -- it was AMAZING! And the parties were phenomenal too. Friday night, 30,000 people danced all night until morning at the Anhembi Sambadrome. Saturday night, Junior Vasquez blew the roof off the Hotel Unique, and we were lucky to make Peter Rauhofer's last half-hour at The Week right after.

And then the parade. Millions and millions of people everywhere -- laughing, hugging, kissing, dancing. Overwhelming joy. The way Pride always should have been.

Anyone have any links to even more pics? I plan to be there next year.

I love Brazil and the Brazilians. The gays there deserve tolerance and respect. Those 4 guys in the picture are hot as hell, even though one holds his nose while the other 2 share a secret and the 4th hides his pretty face. Maybe there's a story there, but I'm just loving their low-cut pink swimsuits. Oh, Baby!

i´d seen Thomas Locke Hoobs working in daylight . Greats shots! And hope that his equipament dont be stolen. Because, i dont saw any night capition!

I´d taken some shots too, and my site is:

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