Shakira's Oral Fixation

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Colombian singer Shakira has released the first single from her new album. The song is a duet with Spanish hottie Alejandro Sanz and is entitled La Tortura. The album Fijacion Oral 1 will hit stores on June 7, and will be followed up in November with the English language album Oral Fixation 2.

Shakira comments, "I did not set out to make two albums when I began the writing process but suddenly I realized I had written sixty songs, some in English and some in Spanish. Twenty of these songs were selected and divided up by language to make two different albums."

As spoken language plays a fundamental role in Shakira’s life, it’s no surprise that she chose the title Fijacion Oral/Oral Fixation, "I always end up saying everything I think about."  The concept also reaches beyond this, "The stage at which human beings are the most orally fixated is the first stage of our lives, which is the most elementary, the most instinctive, and the most primitive. I think I am still in that stage, especially at this moment because I feel the most in touch with that animalistic aspect within me."


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