(Finally some more of) Júlio Capeletti

Fashion designer Clodovil knew what he was doing when he chose Ritz bartender Júlio Capeletti to appear on the cover of G magazine next to him. Due to a lot of requests here is a little selection of some sexy pictures of Júlio from this month's issue.




holy shit he is hot though I think he could be a tad bigger down there ;) then again, I am more for Diogo. can you ship him up here for me?

Damn! I don't know what else to say........Damn!

Thanx. U just helped me choose ! I am moving to Sao Paolo after my Hong Kong experience. Seems like a nice spot ! Just to work out a lil more ! :-)


Yo, Thanks for posting the X pics, man. They are freakin hot! -J

We can't get G Mag here...PLEASE keep posting those X pics!!! Love Brazilian men!

How do I subscribe to G magazine? I don't understand Portuguese.

r starless pictures availabe? please send!!!!!!!!!

can you send the version without the star?...thank you so much!!!

me too, i want the pics without the star... thank you very much...

What a hottie !!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you please,please send me the pics without the stars ? please?

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