The Week gets a new dancefloor

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Tomorrow São Paulo's new club The Week is opening its Winter Dance Floor, sort of a smaller club inside the huge complex. The walls have been built with 2,000 lights which change color according to the music (total 70s vibe), and there is even a fireplace in the lounge area.

News_5CFDA announced that John Bartlett, John Varvatos, and Ralph Lauren have been nominated as Menswear Designer of the Year.


The Week is fierce! Can't imagine all those colors, great concept. Maybe I'm in the minority, but love lots of light and color in nightclubs. Have to see everyone around me!

Shouldn't you have said that the whole concept of this dancefloor is actually from another club? Not that I don't like the idea of The Week and it's Winder Dancefloor, buuuuuuut we have to admit, it's not like they came up with the idea just out of the blue.

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