Bad Boy Spotted

203462_1Was having a drink with some friends last night at Glo (one of those Wednesday night gay parties by Patrick McMullan and team), when suddenly Mr. P. Diddy entered the room accompanied by his usual entourage of big black men in leather (don't get the wrong idea, even though it does sound hot). He took a tour of the room, and then retreated to the upstairs lounge. Since it was just sort of a weird episode, I wonder if he was there checking the place... or if he was there checking the boys.

Black & White

Ronaldinio_1Band_pic_2After the massive sucess of Lance Armstrong's yellow wristbands, Nike is now releasing its Stand Up Speak Up campaign against racism in footbal (and by football I mean the sport Americans call soccer). The symbol of the campaign is a black and white wristband, which has already sold out in European stores due to unprecedented demand. Brazilian soccer stars Ronaldinho Gaucho and Roberto Carlos are part of the effort.

Baby Bro


I miss my baby brother who is almost 4 years old now (no longer a baby I guess). Check out his avant garde swim gear and flair for designer sunglasses... He should be on the cover of V Magazine.
It is a good thing I will see him very soon...

Ricky is back!

PR singer Ricky Martin spent three days in Sao Paulo shooting the new ad campaign for department store C&A. More on the ad campaign to come soon...

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Paulo Carvas Fall 2005


Newcomer Paulo Carvas presented his fall collection of 60s rebel boys this past weekend at Casa dos Criadores. A lot of military references, heavy boots, plaids... and most importantly, hot male models.

Lenny Live in Rio

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Last night singer Lenny Kravitz played a free concert for over 500,000 (yes, half a million!) people at Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.

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