Questions about the Oscars

1- Why was Kathy Griffin given such little time (or a restraining order) while Star Jones "Reynolds" was unleashed on the Red Carpet and given permission to ask the silliest questions? It is a good thing Joan was back.
2- Why was Kathy Griffin wearing something appropriate and not bashing Star?
3- When are Bjork and Cher when you need them?
4- Why did Antonio Banderas have to sing? You could see the despair on the songwriter's face up until the point he won the award.
5- Why weren't all the nominees brought on stage for EVERY SINGLE category? Can you imagine the tension? The ratings would skyrocket.
6- Why was there a very Latin moment?
7- Why did Salma Hayek look exactly like Penelope Cruz?
8- Why didn't Orlando Bloom invite me as his escort?


Penelope and Selma were very confusing. At work last night, I almost mislabeled a soundbite. Ouch!

I'm so laughing right now. You're right.

very funny

I think Bjork is into her latest 'swan' music and cher... isn't she saying farewell still (and over and over)?

And Antonio Banderas was very sincere, according to the film producers. But well, it's hollywood.

And maybe Salma lost her mind. I mean, who wants really to look like Penelope Cruz? Ok, if u say so...

still laughing while re-reading the post

Love your post - very keen observations with which I totally agree, especially about Antonio Banderas. Antonio Banderas mutilated Al Otro Lado Del Río. How sweet was it then, when Jorge Drexler offered as acceptance for his award, the simply rendered sample of his Oscar-worthy song?

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