Questions about the Oscars

1- Why was Kathy Griffin given such little time (or a restraining order) while Star Jones "Reynolds" was unleashed on the Red Carpet and given permission to ask the silliest questions? It is a good thing Joan was back.
2- Why was Kathy Griffin wearing something appropriate and not bashing Star?
3- When are Bjork and Cher when you need them?
4- Why did Antonio Banderas have to sing? You could see the despair on the songwriter's face up until the point he won the award.
5- Why weren't all the nominees brought on stage for EVERY SINGLE category? Can you imagine the tension? The ratings would skyrocket.
6- Why was there a very Latin moment?
7- Why did Salma Hayek look exactly like Penelope Cruz?
8- Why didn't Orlando Bloom invite me as his escort?

Highlights from the Oscars

1- Oprah Winfrey.
2- Beyonce's jewelry and couture selection... Still don't know why she sang every song, but at least she gave you something to look at while performing such unimpressive selection.
3- Supermodel Gisele Bundchen sitting front row next to her beau (you know who he is).
4- The return of Joan Rivers.
5- The absence of Nicole Kidman among the nominees.
6- The presence of Orlando Bloom even though he was not a nominee.
7- The Aviator not winning for Best Film... I have not watched Million Dollar Baby but I am sure that it is far superior (and Hillary Swank looked so glamorous).
8- The length of the show... Finally only 3 hours long!

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Lenny Kravitz in Copacabana

LennynorioLenny Kravitz has personally requested to play in Rio for free this March 21 in Copacabana. The goal is to have an audience of over 170 thousand people rocking the night away at the beach. Before heading to Rio, Lenny also plays in Porto Alegre, São Paulo, and Brasilia, with tickets ranging from R$30 to R$800.

Pool Party

Dsc00691pisci Dsc00735beirapisciSao Paulo's hottest new club The Week debuted its famous pool yesterday with The Garden Party. The VIP event is now scheduled for Sunday afternoons (before winter hits), and only members and their guests are invited to spend the day at the club listening to lounge music, drinking strawberry caipirinhas, relaxing, and munching on fruit salad and açaí. I am definitely checking it out on my next trip to Sao Paulo...

Brazil's First Gay Reality TV

Destaque1 Destaque2Brazil's first all gay reality show debuted this Valentine's Day at Camera H. For 15 days, two gogo boys are locked in a house, and online viewers have access to their daily routine (they eat, shower, and sleep like the rest of us). Throughout the day there are 5 scheduled shows where the boys get a little raunchy... The last show of the day gets you the two of them together in front of the cameras. And since the boys move out of the house every two weeks, there won't be a chance you'll get bored (the producers promise to keep it fresh). Currently in the house are 22-year-old Fábio Fernandes and 28-year-old Alex Lorenzo. And as if all of that wasn't enough, Camera H is also currently free. All you have to do is sign up to get access for 3 days. For every friend you recommend that signs up you get extra 10 days. Now that is what I call reality TV!

He did it again...

VelutinearmaniAside from scoring the coveted title of Gucci boy of the season, Brazilian sizzlin' hot model João Vellutini also stars in the new ad campaign for Armani Exchange. João was discovered at the beach of Ipanema when he was 17, and has already been the face of CK One and D&G.

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