Brazil's First Gay Reality TV

Destaque1 Destaque2Brazil's first all gay reality show debuted this Valentine's Day at Camera H. For 15 days, two gogo boys are locked in a house, and online viewers have access to their daily routine (they eat, shower, and sleep like the rest of us). Throughout the day there are 5 scheduled shows where the boys get a little raunchy... The last show of the day gets you the two of them together in front of the cameras. And since the boys move out of the house every two weeks, there won't be a chance you'll get bored (the producers promise to keep it fresh). Currently in the house are 22-year-old Fábio Fernandes and 28-year-old Alex Lorenzo. And as if all of that wasn't enough, Camera H is also currently free. All you have to do is sign up to get access for 3 days. For every friend you recommend that signs up you get extra 10 days. Now that is what I call reality TV!


oh my, i wish i could read portugese. Dame it. So hot.

Hey, wassup, I found you thru my friend Andy T at towleroad.

I'm bitter; you get go-go boys on reality shows, and we get recycled boring prom queens. Reality bites, at least here in the states.

I'm gonna blurb you on my site.

Damn, it's me want to watch some TV... too bad I live in the USA...

I get the chance to watch these guys...does anyone why why they don't *cum* when they j/o so often?

Wow thank You I was up all night wqatching them two hot latin boys! I couldn't understand a thing they said didn't matter they are hot I could listen to them all day, I did a little chat with them and one said hi in english and told me he was only able to talk a bit in english! I then did some traslations to chat it was fun!

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