SPFW: Triton

With a mix of romanticism and grunge, and a nod to lumberjacks and the Alps, streetwear label Triton shows a solid collection and regains its young fan base. On the runway, lots of sweatshirts, flannel, plaid, and sweet little chiffon dresses (and a shearling here and there to set the tone). Triton showed a couple of men's looks for fall, which was sorta cool considering that the boys had been absent from the runway in past presentations.


Img_3610gisEven though she was the main attraction, Gisele did not open the show. Her fans went wild last night before the show and the room was so crowded people were actually sitting on the floor. On her last look, Gisele was surpised by a letter thrown from a fan in the audience. The letter was over 4,000 meters long and read "Gisele, I love you". Perfect closing to her performance.


I bought a camoflauge tee shirt from Triton that said "Do it in the dark room" on the back. I lost it the other night and was wondering if it was possible to purchase another one at any Tritons??

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