SPFW: Osklen



It is a shame that Oskar Metsavaht showed his collection for Osklen on the first day of presentations because it is going to be very hard to top it throughout the rest of the week. Over the last 15 years, not only has Osklen managed to become the hottest label in Brazil, but it has also developed into a mature and modern collection that has the potential to be appreciated and sold anywhere in the world.

For fall 2005, Osklen takes us to Patagonia with very strong outerwear pieces (probably the best shearlings and anoraks will be seeing this week in Sao Paulo), bulky hand-knitted sweaters and scarves, battered leather pants, and some great prints (this spring's fabulous tropical hibiscus print is substituted for pine trees and geometric motifs). With this solid effort, Metsavaht has definitely turned his casual beachwear company into one of the most innovative and interesting brands in the country.


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