SPFW: Alexandre Herchcovitch Men


Inspired by boxing rings, Alexandre Herchcovitch presented his best men's collection ever yesterday in Sao Paulo. What was so special this time around? Well, for the first time the entire line looked comfortable, innovative, masculine, and SEXY, which is a new word on Alexandre's dictionary and an idea he never dared playing with before. Above all that is the fact that he finally put together a collection that stands out from an editor's as well as from a consumer's point of view, which caught me by surprise after watching his very non-sexy Women's collection last week.

Not_i2005_herchmasc_64On my rebel teen years I had been a fan of Alexandre's clothes (and still own many pieces which are one-of-a-kind), but had not bought a single piece from his men's collection in over 3 or 4 years because I felt it always looked a bit cartoonish and funny (and I certainly do not need to look funny... I sorta prefer sexy or laid back on a daily basis). For fall 2005 I am definitely stopping by his boutique again to pick up some sweatshirts or the fabulous caramel trench he showed. I think the triumph from this collection is that it is grown-up and sober, and yet there is an edgy and modern feel to it. From a retailer's perspective, this is Mr. Herchcovitch's reaching maturity as a designer, avoiding all his excesses, and providing clothes that attract attention for the right reason. Keep it up for spring 2006 please...


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