7 reasons why I did not post yesterday

1- I am a little homesick still and need a couple more days to adapt to life without a staff of maids to clean after me and make sure that my day is running smoothly.
2- The heating system in my apartment (which cannot be turned off) makes me feel like I have fever.
3- My brain might have frozen due to the extreme temperature drop I have experienced in the last two days (95 in Brazil to Glacial Era in NYC).
4- I got into a brief state of shock after listening to Mariah's new single on the radio, and was gladly brought back to life thanks to Gwen Stefani.
5- I had to go get long johns and wool socks (still need more thermal stuff or a fur coat).
6- Nothing really relevant seemed to be going on in the world as far as I was concerned.
7- I had to go workout, have lunch at Cipriani, pay a visit to the Apple store, and then have a coffee at The Mercer, which was way more interesting than writing for my blog.


that was a great reason, hunny.. Ihave just gotten back from rio and I cannot find it in me to be productive..And im so pissed i cant wear any of my new clothes from Brasil!!! I did bring home some Mate Leao to help me feel like Im still on the beaches of Ipanema

what!? i love Mariah's new single! :-) and it's warmed up here in NYC. thankfully! i think you must've brought some warm air back up here with ya. :-)

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