It's (Not) Like That

2382126200510403While I was away, apparently Mariah Carey decided to release her new single "It's Like That", produced by Janet's boo Jermaine Dupri. I had the misfortune of listening to it last night, and am already anxiously waiting for the video version of this fiasco (to be directed by Brett Ratner). Her new album drops April 12, and I certainly hope the other producers involved (such as the Neptunes and Kanye West) have done a better job than JD.

On more (possibly bad) music news, Backstreet Boys (or Men) just wrapped sessions for their first album in five years.


...but you know what i like about the new Mariah single? she's actually singing! remember her last horrible CD where she pretty much whispered her way through an hour of flimsy music? i think she's afraid of becoming irrelevant (moreso than already) that's why she's got all that rap stuff in her songs now. blah. why can't i just get another "Vision of Love" or "Dreamlover"! i like my Mariah cute, bland, teeny-bopperish and unstomach-able. :-)

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