Making a Splash

Feb_fashion_3Just picked up a copy of February's OUT magazine, and was happy to see Brazilian Rafael Verga on the swimsuit story. Rafael was elected Sexiest Man of 2004 for obvious reasons...

World Social Forum

The Fifth World Social Forum started last week in my native city of Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. The forum aims to discuss alternatives to protect universal human rights and the environment, promote equality and justice, and find solutions for a more balanced and fair globalization process.

2002543486ga30,000 people from all over the world have taken over Porto Alegre for the past few days, most of them staying in camping sites organized exclusively for the event. This weekend, in a (presumed) manifestation against prejudice and strict moral values, over 100 people decided to get naked and throw a party in one of the camping sites. I guess that's what happens when you get thousands of horny teenagers together. Meanwhile, the women at the camping sites have been complaining about the constant harrassment in the communal showers. Apparently, at night the guys seem to forget about all the dangers of globalization and are more worried about taking care of other human basic needs (yes... you guessed it right: guys have been jerking off in the showers).

Gucci meets Rio

Spefotologsnet_3Gucci's spring 2005 collection may not have been very exciting, but I love the new ads with 21-year-old Brazilian model of the moment Joao Vellutini shot by Mario Testino. Joao was booked for over 15 shows this past month in Milan, and in Sao Paulo walked the runway exclusively for V.Rom.

7 reasons why I did not post yesterday

1- I am a little homesick still and need a couple more days to adapt to life without a staff of maids to clean after me and make sure that my day is running smoothly.
2- The heating system in my apartment (which cannot be turned off) makes me feel like I have fever.
3- My brain might have frozen due to the extreme temperature drop I have experienced in the last two days (95 in Brazil to Glacial Era in NYC).
4- I got into a brief state of shock after listening to Mariah's new single on the radio, and was gladly brought back to life thanks to Gwen Stefani.
5- I had to go get long johns and wool socks (still need more thermal stuff or a fur coat).
6- Nothing really relevant seemed to be going on in the world as far as I was concerned.
7- I had to go workout, have lunch at Cipriani, pay a visit to the Apple store, and then have a coffee at The Mercer, which was way more interesting than writing for my blog.

It's (Not) Like That

2382126200510403While I was away, apparently Mariah Carey decided to release her new single "It's Like That", produced by Janet's boo Jermaine Dupri. I had the misfortune of listening to it last night, and am already anxiously waiting for the video version of this fiasco (to be directed by Brett Ratner). Her new album drops April 12, and I certainly hope the other producers involved (such as the Neptunes and Kanye West) have done a better job than JD.

On more (possibly bad) music news, Backstreet Boys (or Men) just wrapped sessions for their first album in five years.

Calvin on the hunt

1967650819ga 1967682026gaCarnival hasn't started yet, but Calvin Klein was already seen in Rio at Cabo Folia, a sort of a pre-Carnival party. It seems like Mr. Klein took advantage of the opportunity to do some work and talk to a few hotties, apparently in an attempt to cast new male models (yeah right!)... I must say he is looking good these days though (Damn, I hate gossip but couldn't let this one pass).

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