I am so freaking stressed I feel numb...

Alright, so I was supposed to receive my passport with new visa today which was already kind of driving me crazy considering my flight was scheduled to leave to NYC tonight... I waited until noon for Fedex to come with a very bad feeling. Realizing that Fedex would not be making a stop by my house today, I ventured into calling the American Consulate in Sao Paulo to find out what had happened and if there was any chance I would be flying home later. After several phone calls and different extensions, it turned out that the Consulate had lost some of the Fedex envelopes filled out last week, and therefore my passport had not been sent yet. Tracking my passport then was another adventure (although to me it felt more like a thriller or a horror flick). In the meantime, I had to cancel my flights and re-schedule all my meetings in NYC. At least now I know that my passport is going to be coming my way later today (overnighted I hope)... This totally sucked and put me in a frenzy here, but goes to show that the so well organized American Consulate (the same one that makes you stand for hours in a million lines) is definitely not an example of efficiency. Maybe I should just marry someone and get a greencard for once and for all... Ooops! I forgot that I am not allowed to marry (at least not for the next 4 years)... Any girls reading in the lookout for a hubby? I am a pretty good cook and excellent masseur (aside from having an accent which can be quite charming).


I know how you feel. Hang in there! It will come.

Funny, when April rolls around, they always remember they want taxes. That sucks. I agree with Arjan the day will come.

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