Feliz Ano Novo

Fireworks shot from my balcony in Punta del Este (courtesy of me after a couple of glasses of champagne).

This is the first year in a long time that I broke every single Brazilian tradition by:
1- Not wearing white... Shirtless was way better I thought... and it is kinda after Labor Day for me.
2- Not eating lentils, which are supposed to bring you money... so now I gotta find another way to make some cash (like through work maybe).
3- Not eating 12 grapes, technically one for each month of the year for good luck... So I'll just wear a bracelet or escapulario to take care of that.
4- Not eating pig, which for some very bizarre reason is supposed to move you forward towards your goals (and yet Jewish people seem to be doing just fine without it).
5- Not jumping 7 waves while standing on one foot... I never understood how that is supposed to make your year better (and yet I have always completed the task), but this year my apartment was right in front of Playa Mansa, meaning that there were no waves and the sea looked like a salty lagoon.
I did, however, have the champagne at midnight... And I also jogged all the way around the peninsula of Punta del Este (which is like a 6 mile run) around 9pm to get rid of all the toxins and bad energy prior to entering 2005. Let's see if that works.


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