Calvin on the hunt

1967650819ga 1967682026gaCarnival hasn't started yet, but Calvin Klein was already seen in Rio at Cabo Folia, a sort of a pre-Carnival party. It seems like Mr. Klein took advantage of the opportunity to do some work and talk to a few hotties, apparently in an attempt to cast new male models (yeah right!)... I must say he is looking good these days though (Damn, I hate gossip but couldn't let this one pass).


Poor Calvin....can't the man cruise without getting cruised by the press? Oy, what would Kelly think????

I've known for YEARS that Calvin is GAY!!! Ever since his Studio 54 days. While I was magoring in Fashion Design at Pratt Institute of Art & Design in New York, professors routinely told us what designers were gay and what designers were copying (etc etc--you get the point!), well, I recall Calvin clearly being on the top of their gay lists. Most of them were older and had partied with him and knew him personally. The marraige to Kelly was a SHAM people!! and purely a business decision! It happens every day in the fashion biz! LOL (I also met Calvin in midtown Manhattan coming out of a nice fabric shop we routinely patronized, he was very sweet in person--Kelly didn't bother to acknowledge us students, who were clearly in awe of her THEN husband...well, no bother, we weren't impressed nor intending on meeting her anyways!!) LOL

Here's a true story: a few years ago, right after 9/11, I was dating/seeing/kicking it with yet another stripper. Long story. One Thursday night, he's dancing at Escuelita here in NYC, I go to meet him.

Who is in this gay (Latin/black) club but CK and flunkies? Apparently, his talent agents have "scouted" some of the dancers. CK wants an impromptu private show in the john. The prize, $20 and a free brand new pair of underwear! A few of the dancers were outraged, and laughed in his face. He upped the ante to $100. One followed him back to john, returned 10 minutes later.

But, allegedly he's married.

In the Hamptons, every time I or my friends saw him, he was on pills and stairs were a major prob. What to wear when you're always falling down? His big entourage has never been there to catch him unfortunately.

It was Manhattan in the late 70s, mid-town, and a bar called Cowboy and Poodles. Calvin will remember that.

whoa....i always thought he was gay. i thought everyone knew it. *scratches head* guess i was assuming, i dunno. i thought he was out. i've never seen him in person but some friends of mine have and said he's really friendly to young gay guys who approach him for fashion advice. hmmm...

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