Last night (after a power nap), I had dinner at Ritz, one of my favorite little restaurants in Sao Paulo, then took a stroll through the bars at Rua da Consolocao (the city's answer to New York's 8th Avenue), and headed to The Week, the newest mega gay club in the city and place to be on Saturday nights for its Babylon party. We got there at about 1:30am and had to wait in line to vallet the car before going in (in Sao Paulo there is vallet service pretty much everywhere for safety reasons). To my surprise, the party was off the hook and the crowd was hot! The club has a huge dancefloor stored inside an old warehouse, with some of the coolest lighting and decor I have ever seen in such a space. And as if that wasn't enough, The Week's greatest asset is the outdoor garden with lounge chairs and bar perfect to escape the heat of the dancefloor or to try to gather some extra energy to dance. The music was also really good (especially considering there were songs that I actually recognized), and forced me to do the unthinkable and join the crowd of shirtless boys sweating on the floor. Hands down one of the best gay clubs I have ever been to!

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PS- Thanks to my friend Helder for being such a great host and driving me to the airport this morning after only 3 hours of sleep!


I am not posting this for a comment but a request for assistance from anyone!! I am going to Sao Paulo August 27 to September 6 and I would really appreciate if someone can tell me which hotel would be good to stay, where all the action will be,,, Also,,, since I am going alone from NY,,, can you give me some great clubs/ bars to visit!! Please reply to Appreciate it

i am in sao paolo and iwould like to go out,,, where can i go . is week safe to go alone

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