The Gardener Saga

Dscf0004 Dscf0005 One of the best things about being home (despite the staff of maids) is to see our gardener at work. I tried to get a couple of shots for your viewing pleasure (not that I don't have anything else to do, but it was 7am and no one was really even up or working), but it proved to be a difficult task (he'd probably kill me if he knew what I was doing). Unfortunately, it is like 75 degrees here, and people seem to think that it is the glacial era... Mr. Gardener is usually at his best in some frayed and stained ol' pair of shorts, but he went for some baggy sweatpants today that really do not do him any good. I am sure I will still see him a few more times before I head back to the US, so let's hope the weather gets much much warmer and that I manage to find a better angle for detective-like pictures in this house.


Oh yeah, we need more pics...:)

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