Gearing up for Summer

Since I will be heading off to Brazil next week (and will be able to retire my scarves, turtlenecks and anything cashmere or fur for a whole month), I decided to flip through the Spring collections presented during Sao Paulo Fashion Week and pick a couple of things I might wanna invest in...
Ds_osklen_spfwv2005_60_1 Ds_osklen_spfwv2005_62_1 Ds_pokopano_spfwv2005_93_1
Osklen's white floral print shirt (Alright... I already ordered one... the print is great!)
Osklen's sheer white shirt, floral print oversized bag and leather belt
Poko Pano's psychodelic swimsuit
Ds_ellusm_spfwv2005_37 Ds_brithish_spfwv2005_28 Ds_brithish_spfwv2005_6
Ellus' Lifeguard tank top (or any striped tees from the collection)
British Colony's groovy patchwork caftan with the Brazilian flag
British Colony's crochet shorts (for the beach maybe...)
Ds_cavalera_spfwv2005_63 Ds_vrom_spfwv2005_6 Ds_aherchm_spfwv2005_64
Cavalera's little shorts
V.ROM's printed tank, vintage belt and jeans
Herchcovitch's tie-dyed tank top (to complete the acid trip that seems to have taken over the Men's collections in Brazil)


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