My Break

Mercosur_1 Posting is going to get a little hard to do since I am off to Punta del Este to spend New Year's with my family. Even though all my friends are going to party hard in Rio, it is a family tradition to go to Uruguay, and I am glad to know that I will spend the next few days just chilling while surrounded by beautiful beaches with great restaurants and a lot of alcohol and sugar. It is kind of the Hamptons of South America, but the vibe is a lot more St. Tropez (and it is probably the only place in this continent south of the Equator where you can safely wear all your bling and drive a Rolls, a Porsche or a Benz). The thing to do in Punta is to hang out at the beach, drink clericot (which is sort of a white wine sangria with a mix of tropical fruit), and to have dinner very very very late (nothing before 11pm ever). Can't wait! I also need a tan very bad...

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