Despite being invented in the 19th century in India, clericot is the drink of choice in Punta del Este (and the reason why I have to take a nap everyday after lunch). Here is my favorite way to make it:
Clericot1 bottle of white wine (preferably dry and not very sweet)
1 diced apple (no need to peel it)
1 peeled sliced orange
2 peeled and diced peaches
1/2 pineapple peeled and diced
A few cut strawberries
A few seedless grapes
1-3 spoons of sugar
Prepare all the fruit in a pitcher, add sugar, and enough white wine to cover the fruit. Let the fruit absorb the alcohol for a couple of hours in the fridge. When ready to serve, pour the remaining wine and add a lot of ice. You can also add more sugar (or Equal) if you feel like it.


Que bueno este clericot!!
I suggest adding a drop (or two) of ron..

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