Stern Turns Up The Heat In Rio




Fernanda Tavares and five Brazilian boys in nothing but swimsuits photographed in Rio by Matthias Vriens McGrath and styled by Timothy Reukauf for the latest issue of Stern. Pure insanity.

Watch a video of the shoot here, and view more images after the jump.




Fyi, the boys featured in the story are Rodrigo Calazans, Lucas Arantes, Diogo Rodrigues, Maikel Castro, and Samuel Vieira. All images courtesy of Andrey Tavera.


She's a lucky lady!

I love Fernanda!!! She is good at roleplaying powerful high society ladies in pictures. I think one of the shots should've been with the boys frontal but some butts...ahahahah!!!!

Rodrigo Calazans :9

I love these ads and musicals that put 100 men around one woman. See Marilyn Monroe in "Women Prefer Blondes". It is gorgeous.

Hmmm obviously all the guys are very cute, but they could easily all be from Spain, Portugal, or a number of other European countries! It's a very one-dimensional view of Brazilian beauty!

Life is not fair lol

Hooray for Maikel Castro! He's career is building!

Finally a great 'foreign-made' photoshoot in RJ without the usual Copacabana-Ipanema cliche - I love this one. And Rodrigo's package on pic 3... yum ;-)

marry me Rodrigo! LOL :)

LOVE Fernanda.



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