Casting For Rio-à-Porter


The fall/ winter 2011 shows in Rio de Janeiro start in less than a week, along with trade shows like Rio-à-Porter and Fashion Business. Agent Sergio Mattos sent us some pictures of a casting session for the shows at Rio-à-Porter. View more pictures after the jump.









Who is the guy in the second picture? he is gorgeous!

i super luv the 1st & last guy !!!

yeah, he´s the best :)

The guy with the dreads is out of this world hot! Perfection!!

I sit here mesmerized by the guys in photos #1 and #7, two young men of colour who apparently are debuting! I hope 2011 is the year in this century when more opportunities will be available for more men and women of colour who will make it in Brasil.

I have been a "Brasilnut" since 1999 when I befriended a hot young man from Sao Paulo who told me point blank that he wished he'd been blessed with some African blood in him. He was no slouch either, for Ricardo was gorgeous inside as well as out!

great to see some men of color!

Fotos 1 and 7: simply astounding.

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