Arthur And Francisco Together In The Second Issue Of Coitus Magazine




Photographer Greg Vaughan shot Arthur Sales and Francisco Lachowski together in New York for the second issue of Coitus magazine. Needless to say, I am green with envy. View more scans from the story after the jump.




Click here to purchase the second issue of Coitus.

All scans by Sunlight at Modelhommes.


The headline alone was worth it :-)

Wow, these photos are really good. Lovely Arthur looks wonderful. And the name of the magazine is funny.

I swear to God I'm completely breathless.

I'd like to have "coitus" with the both of them, together or 1-1!!! Wow!!!

shitssss...gorgeous gorgeous boys!!!

free pubes exposition

DO you know of any place I can get a copy of this in Ny without purchasing it online?

Both are gorgeous boys!! Shame that Francisco decided to shape his eyebrows, affecting his masculinity.

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