One Of The Hottest Boys Of The Year


We ended up not using that picture of Diego Miguel for the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine, but I love it so much that I wanted to share it with you guys here.

Diego was definitely one of the most talked about Brazilian boys this year, and I feel really lucky that we got to shoot him for a very sexy spread for the magazine. We had a really hard time finding a free slot in his schedule, but his agency in Brazil was kind enough to fly him to São Paulo after a shoot in Buenos Aires so that he could spend a day in the studio with us. His spread in the magazine is probably the most daring one in the issue, and I cannot thank him enough for trusting us and for having the balls to do it. I already cannot wait to work with him again.

If you haven't bought a copy of Made In Brazil Magazine #2 yet, Global News on the corner of 8th Avenue and 12th street in New York has received a second shipment this morning. In Brazil the magazine is available exclusively at Livraria Cultura in São Paulo, Recife, Brasília, and Porto Alegre. If you are not in New York or Brazil, you can purchase a copy online here. The first issue is completely sold out now, so make sure to get a copy of this one.


Yes, his photos for MIB#2, posing totally nude, are steamy hot. He has a classic kind of beauty and a gorgeous body. My favorite photo is the first one, in which we can see him sideways with his hair slick back. What a MAN!

he is definitely one of the most eye-catching models who has emerged from brazil - or anywhere! - this year. how big was his spread in the MiB magazine? a lot of the previews seemed to emphasise the younger-looking guys but i would say he is definitely my favourite from this issue's line up.

Diego is definitely one gorgeously handsome man! I'm glad that he appears in your magazine which I shall order via phone right now.

He is the most stunning model I've seen lately!!!
His beauty is beyond of this world. We need to see him more often please!!!
Love his photos on MIB Magazine #2!!! He is the best.

Brazil can churn out the ripped bodies but there are VERY few faces in the industry that can match Diego's.

He's awesome. The best Brazilian model ever!! But he should let his armpit hair grow...

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