To Get You Through The Weekend: New Pictures Of Carlos Freire


Photographed in Asia by Doc Marlon. View more exclusive images after the jump.






em qual predio ele trabalha? super, hiper, mega porteiro!
which building is him working? its like a brazilian doorkeeper

How much fat is there in that body? 0,5%?

Body more sculpted than ever, but his face has aged from the urchin days when we first met him. Ars longa, aetas brevis....

Queens will be queens: one thinks he looks like a doorman, the other thinks his face looks old... Well, I'd love to have an "old-looking" doorman like him... The guy is very, very handsome AND doesn't look like a twink anymore. Thank, God!!


This guy is amazingly sexy.

After last evening as well as these pics, my weekend has been wonderful! I got through it basking in many an after-glow!

Yes, this man is indeed "amazingly handsome and rather sexy!!":


Shot in The Philippines, to be exact. Carlos is wonderful!

perfect perfect perfect...:) wow I want to have body exactly like that...

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