We Are Madly In Love With Caio Castro



Actor Caio Castro is getting hotter by the minute. He was spotted with an equally hot buddy yesterday in Rio. View more pictures after the jump.




(Image Source: AgNews)


I hate what he is wearing ... this is a trend that must be stopped at all costs

I never noticed this guy until I saw these pics. Start stalking!

Suddenly, I'm in the mood for a sandwich.

This finally made me forget that the Yankees lost in the playoffs.

I'm baffled. This guy, to me, does not look stunning in these photos which does not warrant his being stalked! Perhaps other pictures will reveal your interests in him....

Holy baggy shorts! Whatever happened to the Brazilian thong?


he is so cute :]

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG,he's just gorgeous! a brazilian god ahhahaah

Is it a sin if I imagine the two of them making it together? WOOF!

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