Made In Brazil (Hearts) Felipe. A Lot.


Model Felipe Martins photographed in New York this weekend by Greg Vaughan. One more shot after the jump.


Certainly one of the nicest guys I have met this year. Expect to see more of him in the second issue of Made In Brazil Magazine.


Very sexy guy,and he's Practically Naked in the second shot..mmm thanks.
Should I add that I find his ears quite erotic?

I think he's better without the stubble.

As for the pic in the rain....orgasm.

P.S. Speaking of NYC, the guy at the store keeps saying the MIB mag will be arriving soon...Do you know when? (He said the same thing last week...) Thanks! :)

amazing! congrats to earnest represents!!!

it seems to me that the signs and the scenes keep getting better.. there should be a competition for the best made in brazil photo

Follow him on twitter: @fezaummartins

Very colorful sign and beautiful photos.

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