Exclusively At Made In Brazil: Felipe Martins By Greg Vaughan



D-Y-I-N-G. Made In Brazil has an exclusive look at the sizzling hot pictures of newcomer Felipe Martins by photographer Greg Vaughan. View more after the jump. 





Felipe Martins is currently with Earnest Represents in New York.

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This is amazingly hot! Thank you! I love Felipe Martins and the works of Greg

jesus ajuda

Perfect runway look. Swimwear/underwear modeling should be left to muscle fitness guys.

I love the runaway look with speedos. I am not into muscled guys.

Oooooh, he's nice! And I like his trunks ;)

He looks good enough to eat!

I don't quite understand Sammy's comment. Real competitive swimmers are built just like this guy; big, bulky muscles would slow them down in the water.

... Felipe was a professional swimmer before being a Model....so cute!

now THATS the body ill have someday ;D! amazing! this kids gonna go far!

Hey Felipe fills out his speedo so beautifully,so handsome,great bod also,he looks fantastic! So cute!

He certainly has the right look for what he is wearing! Actually can't say that any part of him doesn't look good.

Perfect body to go with that wonderful face.

Slim, trim, hot, sexy, shaved, desirable, he looks so damned delicious!

Slim, trim, hot, sexy, shaved, desirable, he looks so damned delicious!

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