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25-year-old DiLacerda photographed by Fred Othero for Brazilian gay website Vipado. View more pictures after the jump. Warning: not entirely safe for work.




Want to see more pictures of him on the blog? I have two more spreads waiting on my mailbox.


I really loved the pics.

I really want to see these 2 more spreads ... his body looks amazing , I enjoyed the sexynerd looks.

Passei mal. Quero mais! hehe

I really liked this photoshoot, where can I see the rest?

Pleaaase! release the other 2 pics!

more pics!

Ele vai ta em sampa dia 25/09 na THE WEEK...UIII

First off with the glasses, then the shorts. Now lets see the rest...Total Hotness!!!

wow! more more more!!

More. please.

I love the nerd cute boys

Yuck. But him back in the mailbox

Os óculos nao combinaram com o estilo de foto, e a perna fina matou ultima foto esta afeminadissimo na pose...Nota 5.

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