Brazil Gets A New Magazine That Sort Of Looks Like Details


A new men's magazine named Alfa was launched in Brazil last week. In case you haven't noticed yet, it features the exact same typography of the Details logo, and a blatant copy of Details' art direction on the cover. If the content were at least up to par with the content Details produces and was aimed at the same demographics of the magazine, I could perhaps understand knocking off its art direction. However, Alfa's content is a lot more Men's Vogue than Details or GQ. For those of you who don't remember, Men's Vogue was killed two years ago. If there wasn't a customer for a magazine like that in the US, I doubt that there is a customer for it in Brazil.

If you are a person who is constantly getting information online like myself, the first issue of Alfa will put you to sleep before you even leave the newsstand. The content is actually very well produced. I just felt it wasn't relevant to me on any level. Maybe I should test drive it on my dad and see what he thinks. He is probably the target customer anyway, although I cannot imagine him buying any magazine that is not related to cars or travel.


I think you are tripping, all the magazines look the same these days...

Nada como o galvao bueno na capa para avacalhar uma revista com a pretensao de copiar a Details. O copy-paste tupiniquim eh de rolar de rir - apesar de triste.

I read your post, I swear I did, but I didn't retain any of the information because Jon Hamm distracted me so much. All I could think of are the illegal things I could do with him in the bedroom.

How could I buy anything with Galvão Bueno gracing such a Galvão-ish cameo on the cover?

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