Michael Roberts Shoots Brazilian Boys In London


I have to admit that I much prefer when Michael Roberts is his usual crazy horny self shooting boys in togas or in completely inappropriate gladiator gear at the beach in Rio, but considering his latest editorial for Brazilian magazine Wish Report features newcomer Gabriel Burger, who I absolutely adore, I just had to post pictures of this toga-less story.

In the edit are also models Alexandre Garo (left)  and Raphael Sander (middle). View more images after the jump.







I tremendously like this photo shoot and the subsequent pics!!! ...very handsome and striking men!! ...gorgeous clothes!

Splendid young men. But they would
be much more splendid with much less
clothing. It is amazing to me that
a very talented, very eccentric
photographer like Roberts would waste
those delicious bodies under all
those (admittedly superb) clothes.
Go figger.

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