New Pictures Of Edilson Nascimento


Edilson Nascimento is featured on the cover of the latest issue of gay publication A Capa. View exclusive pictures from his spread after the jump.






Photoshop much?

All pictures by Fernando Andraus courtesy of A Capa.


Usually he looks amazing but here the photoshop is too much and the skin looks uneven the body looks semi tanned and the face way too pale... Like a Twilight character. He's only missing the cheap-looking orange contact lenses. And that's a shame cause Edilson is so cute.

I agree with Gustavo

to be honest, i dont care =D! how i missed this gorgeous breath-taking body...

In spite of the pallid look, I liked the guy in these pics! Perhaps next time he'll be presented in a more natural state.

Precioso much!

I have never seen worse pics of Edilson. Such poor editing. And the outfit selection ain't much better either... Good thing I know Edilson is way hotter than that.

Speaking about natural state I like the hair on his hands. He should let some other hair grow as well. Not that he's dad and all grown up :)

lol at the last pic, he has hair on his legs just in the back of it???? did they shave it or photoshopped? such a baddddddddddd idea!

He's such a gorgeous man, but these pics are absolutely horrible.


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