This Is Going To Be The Coolest Office Building In São Paulo



Idea! Zarvos, one of my favorite developers in São Paulo,  is launching a new project for an office building at João Moura 1144 in the Pinheiros neighborhood. I received the folder for the project a few weeks ago, and the renderings look amazing. Make sure to check out more pictures and floorplans at the building's website. There is no word yet on when construction will be finished.


Really hot building

It is great to see how Idea! Zarvos is literally revolutionizing the Real Estate market in my favourite part of SP. All of their buildings - commercial and residential ones - look unique and full of personality unlike most in SP. Maybe (just maybe) SP is ready to overcome its 3rd world complexes and wave good bye to that awfully tacky Neoclassical trend... Although it is probably wishful thinking to hope that a decent architectural trend that sells in Vila Madalena would ever pick up in the rest of the city. Most of them still dream of living in Paris... For a quick comparison, google image: "Shopping Cidade Jardim" - yuck!

I would hire them to put down 50% of the buildings in Sao Paulo and build new ones. It is just not a beautiful city.

Theirs is a beautiful creation, though.

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